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1. Use of Information on Our Service
2. Acceptance of Terms of Service
3. Member Conduct and Responsibilities
4. Hyperlinks Within Messages
5. InvestarsRanks.com's Right to Use Content
6. Termination of Access
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InvestarsRanks.com and its employees assume no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, objectivity, or usefulness of the information presented on our Service. We do not endorse any recommendation or opinion made by any member, nor do we advocate the purchase or sale of any security or investment. You are responsible for your own investment decisions.

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1. Use of Information on Our Service
  • InvestarsRanks.com provides users an area to compare portfolio performance, score stocks and discuss financial events and include information, views, opinions, and recommendations of many individuals and organizations.
  • You are responsible for your own investment decisions. The Service is designed to help you acquire the information you need to help you make your own decisions. Those decisions, however, must be made by you. You are responsible for properly analyzing and verifying any information you intend to rely upon.
  • InvestarsRanks.com and its employees assume no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, objectivity, or usefulness of the information presented on our Service. We do not endorse any recommendation or opinion made by any member, nor do we advocate the purchase or sale of any security or investment.
  • InvestarsRanks.com does not routinely screen, edit, or review messages posted by its members. However, we do reserve the right to monitor or remove any post, at any time, from the Service without notice. We also reserve the right to terminate any member's membership at any time, without notice.
  • Members should be aware that other members may not be who they say they are. InvestarsRanks.com takes no action to perform a background check on any of the members' alias profiles. We do not guarantee that members' alias profiles contain accurate information. Members should also be aware that other members may use our Service for personal gain. Therefore, investors should approach messages with appropriate skepticism.
  • Messages posted by individuals may be misleading, deceptive, or in error. If you disagree with a posting, you may want to post a response. It is the policy of InvestarsRanks.com to allow our members to freely discuss issues in a free and open manner, and we will not take sides in disagreements or disputes involving our members, so do not ask us to do so. If you believe a message has been intentionally posted in violation of securities laws you should contact the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC]. The SEC's e-mail address for complaints is enforcement@sec.gov. Their mailing address is:
    SEC Division of Enforcementbr
    Enforcement Complaint Center
    Mail Stop 7-10
    450 Fifth St., NW
    Washington, D.C. 20549
    1-800-SEC-0330 (toll-free)
  • The SEC can also be contacted for inquiries unrelated to a potential violation of the Federal securities laws through their Office of Investor Education and Assistance. You should be aware of the potential risks of on-line investing and market analysis. The SEC publishes information on cyberfraud. The FINRA provides analysis on how to invest carefully in the electronic world. The NASAA provides tips on how to avoid online investment schemes aimed at taking advantage of unsuspecting investors. Their websites are instructive and can be found at:
2) Acceptance of Terms of Service
  • We reserve the right to amend, remove, or add any or all parts of the Terms of Service at any time without notice. These Terms of Service were last revised on January 26, 2001. Your use of the site after the posting of any change to the Terms of Service constitutes acceptance of the change.
  • By accepting the Terms of Service, you agree to provide accurate registration information in the InvestarsRanks.com Registration Form. Failure to update and maintain an accurate email address may result in your immediate removal from the Service.
  • When initially signing up for the Service, you must select a username and password. Each username will be unique. We have the right to refuse granting any username that impersonates someone else's, or that we feel is inappropriate. Choose your password wisely. We are not responsible for any user impersonating you on the Service. If you have concerns or feel you are being impersonated please notify contactusa@Investars.com.
  • By accepting the Terms of Service, you warrant that you have no other registration(s) with the Service. You also agree to maintain only one active registration with the Service. Failure to follow Terms of Service will result in your immediate termination from the Service. If you forget your screen name or password, please contact contactusa@Investars.com.
3) Member Conduct and Responsibilities
  • Your conduct when using the Service should reflect an appropriate respect and consideration for the other members of the Service.
  • The information you provide in your postings will be true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.
  • You should demonstrate appropriate respect for other members who have made postings. If you disagree with an opinion set forth, feel free to challenge that opinion with a posting of your own. You should, however, refrain from ever personally attacking the person making the posting.
  • You agree to abide by a code of conduct by which you will not:
    • use the Service for illegal purposes or for the transmission of material that is unlawful, harassing, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, tortious or otherwise objectionable.
    • post material, non-public information about companies, without the authorization to do so.
    • post of transmit third-party copyrighted information or in any way infringe on the intellectual property, contractual, or fiduciary rights of others.
    • provide false information on your registration form or impersonate someone else.
    • use the Service for the transmission of junk mail, spam, chain letters, or unsolicited mass distribution of e-mail or other solicitations.
    • post improper or off-topic messages.
    • violate the letter or spirit of the Terms of Use.
  • You agree that you are fully responsible for any repercussions resulting from any post that occurs on your account while you password is being used. If you suspect you are being impersonated, contact contactusa@Investars.com immediately.
  • InvestarsRanks.com reserves the right to disclose any information, including registration data, in order to comply with any applicable laws and/or requests under legal process, to operate its systems properly, to protect InvestarsRanks.com's property or rights, or to safeguard the interests of its members.
4) Hyperlinks Within Messages
  • The Service allows users to add external links in their messages to other sites throughout the Internet. We are not responsible for the availability of these resources, nor are we responsible or do we endorse any content, advertising, products, or other materials found on external sites. You are fully responsible for any loss or damages when attempting to use a hyperlink or when you successfully link to a site.
5) InvestarsRanks.com's Right to Use Content
  • The content available throughout the Service is the property of InvestarsRanks.com and Netologic Inc. and is protected by copyrights and trademarks. You may display, reformat, and print information found on the Service for personal use only. You agree not to reproduce, transmit, repost, distribute, sell, publish, broadcast, or in any other way commercially exploit any of the content without our written consent.
  • You agree that upon posting information on the Service, you grant and assign InvestarsRanks.com and Netologic Inc., and their successors a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, non-revocable license to use, distribute, display, reproduce, and create derivative works from such material in any and all media, in any manner, whole or part, without any duty to account to you. You also grant InvestarsRanks.com and Netologic Inc. the right to authorize the downloading and printing of such material, or any portion thereof, by end users for their personal use.
6) Termination of Access
  • You agree that we may terminate or suspend your access to the Service for any reason. Any suspected fraudulent, abusive, or illegal activities are possible grounds for termination. Neither InvestarsRanks.com, Netologic Inc., nor any its employees shall be liable to you or any third party for the termination of the Service or any claims related to the termination of Service.
7) Indemnification
  • You agree to indemnify and hold InvestarsRanks.com, Netologic Inc., its officers, owners, agents, and any employee harmless from any claim or demand made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the Service. We reserve the right, at our own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you.
8) Disclaimer
  • User expressly agrees that use of this service is at the user's sole risk. The service is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis.
  • InvestarsRanks.com expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, express or implied, including without limitation any warranty of merchatability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.
  • InvestarsRanks.com makes no warranty that the service will meet user's requirements or that the serivce will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error free, nor does InvestarsRanks.com make any warranty as to the results that may be obtained from the service or as to the accuracy or reliability of any information obtained through this service.
  • No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from the InvestarsRanks.com, or through the service shall create any warranty not expressly made herein.
  • You acknowledge and agree that any material and/or data downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use fo the service is done at your own risk. You are solely responsible for any damages to your computer system or loss of data that results in the downloading of any files on the service or any external links available on the service.
9) Limitation of Liability
  • InvestarsRanks.com shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of or relating to this agreement, resulting from the use or the inability to use the service or messages received or resulting from unauthorized access to or alteration of user's transmissions or data, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, use, data or other intangible, even if InvestarsRanks.com has been advised of the possibility of such damages.